From Grey to Green

At RoofTrends we believe, that there is a massive under utilization of the roof area in buildings our cities.

The increasing popularity of green roofs in urban environments has structural engineers, developers and architects looking up these days.

Over the past few years, green roofs have begun to appeal to building owners in in urban South Africa.

This trend only promises to increase as property owners see this roof to embrace and utilize unused space as well as environmentalism. As this trend continues, the many benefits of a green roof and the financial benefits are becoming even more apparent.

At RoofTrends we take this concept further by introducing not only lush gardens but we see this space as a blank canvas to introduce outdoor running tracks, outdoor gyms ,entertainment areas or a hybrid of these type of concepts.

Our company was formed by two like minded individuals who are passionate about landscaping and outdoor soft pour rubber fitness activities (used in running tracks and outdoor gyms). This meeting of the minds quickly became a partnership that is changing the grey rooftop in urban areas to lush green usable space, with the added benefit of adding value to the building and the tenants who occupy it.