Mobile Roof Planing System - MobiRoof


RoofTrends is always on the lookout for innovative green roof systems . The MobiRoof system is exactly one of those  innovative systems that  has inspired us to include living plant life and grass solutions onto our roof projects . 

Some of our clients insisted on living grass as apposed to artificial grass and others have asked that we include living plant solutions to our roof scapes. Either way MobiRoof has opens us up to  even more incredible design ideas .

MobiRoof is a ready-made, extensively green roofing system.. MobiRoof is a clip together cassette system that can be is laid onto the surface of a roof. Almost instantly a closed fully grown area is created with insulation properties. MobiRoof creates instant green results.


A solid green-covered roof offers a number of advantages over a conventional roof. The planting improves air quality through CO2 reduction and also captures fine particulate matter. UV-rays no longer reach the roof covering, which significantly extends the lifespan of the roofing material. The sedum cassette system protects the roof from harsh weather

Mobile Grass planting process