Mobile roof plating system - MobiRoof

MobiRoof is a ready-made, extensively green roofing system.. MobiRoof is a clip together cassette system that can be is laid onto the surface of a roof. Almost instantly a closed fully grown area is created with insulation properties. MobiRoof creates instant green results.


Rooftop landscaping

Turn your Grey rooftop to a lush green usable space

Along with our sister company Earth Trends, that is a professional Landscaping and Irrigation company who has over 24 years’ experience in the private and commercial landscaping and irrigation arena.


Custom design Shade Sails

Versatile and practical shade solution, that can create loads of shade in the style that suits your needs. They can be custom made to suit any application or need to create a big cover area and modern look.

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Living Walls

The Modular Vertical Garden (MVG) is a system that is locally manufactured, can fit many spaces and will achieve instant coverage from day one. The plants are watered efficiently via closed irrigation that re-uses water and is remotely monitored via an early warning alert system to minimise plant loss.


Soft pour rubber running tracks and outdoor gym flooring

RoofTrends offer running tracks that are a unique combination of sport flooring product..Our flooring is made from recycled rubber that is environmentally safe and is hard-wearing and requires very little maintenance


Rooftop Garden Maintenance

Your rooftop garden deserve to look their best! Whether it be after sales service on our landscaping installations or maintenance of an already established site, we will make sure that your roof garden will stand out by offering you the highest quality managed services available.