Custom design Shade Sails

Turn your Grey rooftop to a green, shaded and usable space

Along with our partners we have a very versatile and practical shade solution, that can create loads of shade in the style that suits your needs. They can be custom made to suit any application or need to create a big cover area and modern look. The hardware used are stainless steel and galvanized suitable for our harsh South African weather and the poles can be made to any preference, Stainless Steel, Painted or Powder Coated.

Because of our hot summer sun, all sails are made of the best stretch netting material available on the market with a 98% UV block. Our Extra Block netting material has a very long-life span.

All webbing and stitching done are UV stabilized to offer the best quality product available. Plate and cable system also used for those really large stretch sails needed for, office areas or large patios.

We assist our customers with designs and drawings of the area and do final installation of Shade Sails in a manor that’s abstract and playful, thus creating a look that is out of this world but unique and one of a kind.

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